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Driza Bone

Driza-Bone is an Australian outerwear and clothing brand that encapsulates the unique spirit and heritage of Australia.   Our products are designed for a modern lifestyle and influenced by Driza-Bone’s rich history and dedication to quality fabrics and manufacturing.

Since it’s foundation in 1898, Driza-Bone has earned its reputation as a brand that is trustworthy and dependable, with a distinctly Australian style.  It has clothed the men who built the railways, roads and highways of Australia, served in the two world wars, and travelled with the explorers.  Over the years the brand has been worn by the country and city dweller alike, with the instantly recognisable oilskin coats that continue to be manufactured in Australia in both traditional and modern styles.

In 2008, after twenty years of foreign ownership, Driza-Bone once again became 100% Australian owned, entering into a new phase in its long history.   The new owners decided that the outerwear and clothing range should be modern, Australian and stylish – made with the lasting quality that everyone expects from Driza-Bone.  The last five years have been spent modernising and refining our range of products, guided by these principles.

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