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Eryvac® is used to control Erysipelas in pigs and Erysipelothrix arthritis or polyarthritis in lambs.

  • In pigs Eryvac® vaccine is used to control both acute and chronic disease caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae (insidiosa) infection. The acute septicaemic form of the disease is manifested as either a sudden illness with fever, sometimes resulting in death, or red blotching of the skin, usually on the belly and often in a "diamond" pattern. The common sign in the chronic form of the disease is arthritis.
  • In lambs Eryvac® can be used to control chronic Erysipelothix arthritis by vaccinating the ewe before lambing.
  • For the control of erysipelas infection in pigs causing:
    • Depression
    • Inability to stand
    • lameness and inability to walk

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