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ZOLVIX is from the first new class of sheep drench since the 1980’s. With its unique mode of action, zero resistance ZOLVIX kills >99.9% of worms offering unparalleled levels of control and certainty. No ZOLVIX resistant worm populations exist in the field so it will perform on your farm.ZOLVIX also has an impressive safety profile with no detrimental effects on sheep, people or the environment. New generation ZOLVIX delivers a new weapon for worm control that is highly effective, and when used in an in season rotation can minimise the development of drench resistance to other existing actives. It protects and promotes animal health while boosting productivity. Several years of field tests conducted on commercial farms in Australia, New Zealand and Europe confirmed the effectiveness of ZOLVIX. The in-field trials included farms with resistance to all three older broad-spectrum drench classes. ZOLVIX has an overall efficacy of 99.9%. The active ingredient in ZOLVIX is monepantel, the first member of the amino-acetonitrile derivatives (AADs) or ‘orange’ drench class. Monepantel has a unique mode of action compared with all other available anthelmintics. Monepantel causes paralysis in worms by binding to a specific receptor found only in nematodes (roundworms). The specific receptor for the AADs has not been found in any animal species – this is believed to be the reason behind the high margin of safety in sheep and environmental safety.

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